After having performed a cartographic / simple / advanced / expert search, the search results page displays 3 areas:

- Faceted refinement on the left side, - The search results in the central frame, - Tools on the right side.


From the results page, you can:


- refine your search through the faceted refinement [see section 3.5.1. How to use the faceted refinement?], - have an overview of the results with a list of record snippets, - display the list of records generated on a map, switching from the “List” display to the “Map” display from the pull-down menu, - sort the list of short records by relevance or by alphabetical order, - display from 5 to 100 records per page, - browse from one page to another back and forth using the buttons [<] and [>], or skip to the beginning or the end of the list using the buttons [<<] and [>>]. - Use the tools on the right.

As a free user, the search results will be limited to “Released ISSN data” [see section 2.3. What does Released ISSN data mean?].



3.5.1. How to use the faceted refinement?


Most search fields of the advanced search are also available as facets: e.g. medium, language, date, etc. At the top of this area, your search criteria are reminded, and you can go back to the advanced /expert search form if needed, clicking on the button “Modify your search”. Depending on the number of results, you can use one or several facets to filter the results. Each facet is displayed in a specific box, with the different choices (followed by the number of records found for that choice). For each facet, you may display more choices by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the box. There are specific facets:

- Medium (The three icons correspond to Print / Online / Digital carrier) - Open Access - Record status

When you have selected a facet, your choice is reminded at the top of the left-hand frame. You can cancel that choice by clicking on the red cross. As a free user, available facets correspond to “Released ISSN data” [see section 2.3. What does “Released ISSN data mean”?].



3.5.2. Which tools can be used from the results page?


From the results page, you can view records, export records, print records [see section 5. Tools for users].


3.5.3. How to display ISSN records from the results page?


From the results page, you can click on the title on a record, or on the “medium” icon in each record snippet, to display the record page. You may also select several records by clicking on the “+” on the left of each record snippet. Then click on “View records” (in the tools menu on the right) in order to display the record pages.