From the login area, you can access these sections: My account, My corporate information, Messages. My account Click on the Temple icon, and then choose My account. Click on the tab Edit, and modify your user name, your e-mail address, your password, your language settings. By default, the Private messages section is ticked which enables you to receive e-mail notifications from ISSN librarians. My corporate information This section enables you to view:

- your credentials as you entered them when you registered, you can update your information; - your current subscriptions; - your invoices; - your own login user. - the ISSN Portal login user

Click on each tab to access the sub-section of your choice.

1) Tab “Corporate information”: Click on “See more” to display more details. Click on the button “Submit” to save your updated information. You can also generate a PDF file and update your invoicing / delivery addresses and your email address. 2) Tab “Subscription”: You can get a summary of your current subscription to the ISSN services and renew your ISSN subscription. 3) Tab “Invoices”: you can see your past invoices and see, download, and print your current ones. 4) Tab “Users”: The “User login” is the login for your extranet connection. The “Portal users” are the connection details for your institution’s users who access the ISSN Portal. NOTE: For the first connection and only for customers who have subscribed to the ISSN Portal by login and password, you should reboot your passwords and indicate the email of end users of the ISSN Portal. 5) Tab “Access statistics”: you can retrieve all usage statistics of the ISSN Portal. Select the period of your choice and access statistics about: the total number of visits, records downloaded via API or the website, API usage (search or download) [see section 7.3 Are REST API available?]