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You may request an update for any record as a corporate user, or as a publisher having claimed ownership over a resource [See section 8.5. ISSN Claiming and transfer of ownership].


As a corporate user, search the portal, select and open the record to be updated.


As a registered publisher, from your personal area and the left-hand menu, click on the button “My registered resources”, select and access the record to be updated.


From the record, click on the button “Request a modification” on the right, and fill in the modification request web form. This form is already pre-filled with the existing information, and you can modify all these fields, except the ISSN of the resource and the name of your institution. By default, the name and contact e-mail of the person responsible for the Portal account is indicated: please modify it and indicate your name and e-mail in order to be notified of the outcome of your request. You can also add missing information in the fields left in blank, and provide comments. If you need to repeat fields, click on the button “Add more” or “Add one”. Do not forget to add supporting documents in attachment, clicking on the buttons “Choose a file” and “Upload”. This documentary evidence is mandatory, and will help the librarian in charge to better handle the request and confirm the modifications requested. As you save the form clicking on the button “Send request”, your modification request is forwarded for validation to the ISSN Centre in charge of the record.

Yes, any modification request is free of charge for any registered user. If you are a publisher, modifications can be requested only about the resources attached to your account, i.e. on your registered resources. If a modification request involves a major title change, a new ISSN may be assigned.

As a publisher registered on the ISSN customer extranet, you can follow the processing of your modification request in your personal area [see section 8.3. Publishers’ personal area]. You will also receive a notification e-mail at every stage your request goes through. - 


As a corporate user, you will be notified about the outcome of your request, at every stage your request goes through, via the e-mail provided in the modification form.


On the record, the update proposals not yet validated by the ISSN Network are marked in red next to the existing information. This display can be viewed by any registered user. At the bottom of the record, a new section is displayed (“Modifications actions”) with the request processing status. Click on the button “See more” to view the details of the modification request web form. This section can be viewed only by the update requester. Note that the modification will be performed by the National Centre in charge of the resource, provided the relevant documentary evidence has been supplied. For this reason, it may happen that you are notified that the National Centre has accepted and performed the modification, while the record in the Portal does not appear as modified yet.