The various identifiers of the resource are located in a top-left frame: the latter includes the ISSN and the ISSN-L, other ISSN (for example the valid ISSN corresponding to the cancelled ISSN), and any other identifiers, notably the CODEN if any. All external links are located in the frame on bottom-left. These links point to:


- the resource itself when it is online (its actual URL or URLs), - other records in the national bibliography of the country, in a digital library, - the record of the issuing body in the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) database, - additional resources.


Most ISSN bibliographic data are presented in the central frame. Three display modes are available: public display (with labels), and two professional types of display (MARC21 and UNIMARC). In order to change the display mode, click on the triangle to pull-down the menu. This function is not accessible to Free users. In public display, the central frame is divided into three areas: resource information, related resources, record information. Tools are gathered on the right-hand side. They offer the possibility to download records, report an error, view and print records, etc. [See section 5. Tools for users]