The related information frame corresponding to linking entries (fields 7XX in MARC21) is displayed on 3 tabs:


 Related titles, resource network, resource history (visible only by Corporate and Network users, and publishers having registered their resources).


The tab related titles provides a list of all the other titles linked to the resource described in the central frame: supplements, subseries, other editions in different languages or medium, former and subsequent titles, … The ISSN marked in blue point to the corresponding ISSN records.


The tab Resource network provides a graphical representation of relationships between the titles of the same family: different versions and editions, supplements and subseries, continuation.…). These relationships are presented in the form of a tree structure, whose branches can be expanded or contracted to show more/less relations by clicking on the “[+/-]” sign. You can move the branches to organise the tree structure as you like. Double-clicking on a title enables you to access the corresponding record.


The tab Resource history shows a timeline representing the chronological relationship in time between the ISSN of publications whose name changed over time. Moving the cursor will operate as a filter to change the time period regarding the year of publication. Clicking on the icons above the tree structure and the timeline enables you to download the graphical representation in 2 printable formats (PNG or JPG), to zoom in/out, and to shift to full screen display.