8.2.1. How to submit the registration form?


If you want to get an ISSN, you need to be registered. The registration process will take place when submitting your first ISSN assignment request. Click on “Publishers’ area” in the upper left-hand corner. Two options are offered according to the country of publication to be selected: National or International. 

Option 1: If you are located in a country without any ISSN Centre, in the frame “National”, select your country of publication and click on the button “Submit”. Your request will be processed by the ISSN International Centre. If there is an ISSN Centre in your country, you will be informed on how to contact the relevant national ISSN Centre which is responsible for your ISSN assignment request.


Option 2: If you are an international organisation listed in the Yearbook of International Organisations, section A to F (United Nations, Word Bank, …), your request will be processed by the ISSN International Centre. Enter your International Organisation ID that you may retrieve by clicking on the link to the Union of International Associations (https://uia.org/yearbook). Your ID is composed of one letter and four numbers. This ID is mandatory to be considered as an international organization. You can then submit the web form. Fill in the form about your credentials, especially mandatory fields with an (*), and the additional information. Tick the boxes to confirm that you have read and approved the General Terms of Use. By ticking this box, you acknowledge that you can use ISSN Services because you accept these Terms of Use without any reservation, and you undertake to abide by these terms. You may (or may not) confirm that you authorize the ISSN International Centre to use your personal data for commercial purposes [See UGC - ARTICLE 7: CONFIDENTIALITY - PERSONAL DATA]. You can then send your web form.


8.2.2. Why do I receive an email after registering?

After having validated the General Terms of Use and submitted the registration form, you will receive an email on the main contact address indicated in the web form. This ensures that this email address is valid. Please carefully read this email:

- It indicates the login you should use to access ISSN publisher services, - It provides you with a link on which you should click.

Clicking on the link provided in the email will direct you to a one-time login page, and then to your account page. On your account page, you will be requested to create your password.



8.2.3. How to pay my registration fee?


After having set up your password, you will be directed to a page where you should pay your registration fee. You may pay, depending of your country, by Paypal, Paysafe, or wire transfer. You will be effectively registered as a publisher after you have paid for your ISSN request. [See section 8.4. ISSN assignment]. Note that you will not be able to access the ISSN Publisher services before your payment is processed by the ISSN International Centre.


8.2.4. I haven’t received any email after having submitted the registration form: what should I do?


It may take some time before you receive your email. Please first check in your spam box if you have not received your email. If you have not received it, you may request a new email. To that end:

- Please click on the “temple” icon at the top-right corner, - Click on “forgot password”, - Indicate your email (the main contact email provided in the form you submitted) and click on “Email new password”.

If you still have trouble, please use the contact form available at the bottom of each page of the Portal, indicating as subject “ISSN assignment”.