As a publisher, you wish to have your resource signalled as open access and integrated to ROAD.

10.7.1. Your publication has already an e-ISSN

This request will be dealt as any modification request. [See section 6.1 How to report an error or request an update on a record?]

Please note you have to be registered on the Extranet as a publisher, then you must claim for the resource and request a modification through the Report an error function.

See section 8.2 How to register as a publisher?

10.7.2. Your publication has not yet been identified by an ISSN, and there is no national ISSN centre in your country

You must request an ISSN assignment through the ISSN portal.

See sections 1.5 How are ISSN assigned? and 8. I am a publisher

10.7.3. Your publication has no ISSN and there is an ISSN national centre in your country

Please contact your ISSN National Centre to submit your modification request: