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ROAD is the acronym for Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources. This is a free service provided by the ISSN International Centre. ROAD was launched as an independent website in December 2013 by the ISSN International Centre with the support of the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO. ROAD is now integrated into the ISSN portal. provides a free access to a subset of ISSN bibliographic records. These records describe the scholarly resources in open access that have been identified by the ISSN Network. ROAD is in line with the actions of UNESCO for promoting Open Access to scientific resources. ROAD is complementary to the Global Open Access Portal (GOAP) developed by UNESCO and providing a snapshot of the status of Open Access to scientific information around the world.

As the ISSN network covers the whole world and identifies any type of continuous resources, the geographic and linguistic coverages of ROAD aim to be comprehensive.


There are 5 types of multidisciplinary, open access resources in ROAD: there are mostly journals, but also monographic series, scholarly blogs, academic repositories and conferences proceedings.

Complete ISSN data about open access scholarly publications included in ROAD (Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources) are accessible for free via the Free Access Portal.

To provide information about the quality and prominence of OA resources, mentioning by which services they are covered.

ROAD is mostly used to identify OA resources and to access bibliographic description of these publications, but also to discover unpublished material lying in academic repositories. ROAD is mainly used by library and information specialists (45 %) for metadata re-use, and by scholars (35%) for research purposes.

     -   Open access to the whole content: no moving wall, no hybrid journals;

     -   The content should be research papers addressed to researchers and scholars;

     -   Each journal should have at least 5 articles per issue.

As a publisher, you wish to have your resource signalled as open access and integrated to ROAD.

10.7.1. Your publication has already an e-ISSN

This request will be dealt as any modification request. [See section 6.1 How to report an error or request an update on a record?]

Please note you have to be registered on the Extranet as a publisher, then you must claim for the resource and request a modification through the Report an error function.

See section 8.2 How to register as a publisher?

10.7.2. Your publication has not yet been identified by an ISSN, and there is no national ISSN centre in your country

You must request an ISSN assignment through the ISSN portal.

See sections 1.5 How are ISSN assigned? and 8. I am a publisher

10.7.3. Your publication has no ISSN and there is an ISSN national centre in your country

Please contact your ISSN National Centre to submit your modification request:

see http://www.issn.org/the-centre-and-the-network/members-countries/the-issn-network-today/.

No, we can only process the modification requests:

-      issued by the publisher of the resource or issued by the subscribers of the ISSN Portal;  

-      and/or concerning the URL of the resource or a typo to be corrected.

Open access resources are accessible without any barriers, so the ROAD interface as well as the search and display functionalities take back some features accessible to subscribing users.

- ROAD search pages are limited to ISSN records describing open access resources,

- The results pages and the ISSN records are viewed from the ISSN portal,

- A ROAD logo indicates that the resource described is in open access.

- As a ROAD free user, you can access functionalities reserved to subscribing users:

  • cartographic search at the level of the city of publication,
  • advanced search with 17 indexes, notably by type of open access resource, instead of the basic 4 indexes available for free users,
  • complete ISSN records, because these records describe and give access to open access resources.

[See also section 3.3. How to use the advanced search?]

ISSN Portal (as a subscribing user)

ROAD (as a free user)

Advanced, expert or refined search by indexing service (field 510)

Simple search by indexing service (index “All”)

Expert search & Browse search


Links to other records with the same publisher, subject, or coverage on ISSN records


MARC21 view


ISSN-L record complete data view


ISSN records are enriched by information extracted from indexing and abstracting databases, directories (DOAJ, Latindex, The Keepers registry) and journals indicators (Scopus). [See the list of Data Sources: https://portal.issn.org/node/91]


ISSN numbers are used as a matching key linking ISSN records with metadata related to their coverage by abstracting/indexing services or bibliometrics. External data give a quality insight on scholarly resources in ROAD, as the scholarly resources are indexed, evaluated and selected for their compliancy with some criteria set upon metrics, ethics and the preservation programs engaged.

Bibliometrics (impact factors) as well as indexing and abstracting services or external directories are mentioned on ISSN records if the case occurs.