An ISSN record represents the authority record for a continuing resource title [See also section 4. ISSN record]. An ISSN record has different statuses depending how and when they were created, and for which resource:

Confirmed records correspond to resources whose publication has been checked by the ISSN Network.

Provisional records correspond to provisional ISSN that may be assigned to pre-publications; they are liable to become Confirmed records.

Legacy records were created at the infancy of the ISSN Register; their bibliographic data is incomplete and not up-to-date.

Cancelled records correspond to cancelled ISSN, e.g. if an ISSN was mistakenly assigned twice, it is then cancelled and a new ISSN is re-assigned.

Suppressed records correspond to ISSN that were deleted, generally because the resource described is not a continuing resource or has never been published.

Unreported records correspond to identifiers not yet assigned and that are not (yet) reported to the ISSN International Centre.


Type of records Free user Publisher Corporate user Network user
Confirmed X X X X
Provisional   X
for the resources under their responsibility
Other (Legacy, Cancelled, Suppressed, Unreported)   X X X