The simple search is accessible from the Portal home page. It is a quick and efficient way to search and find ISSN records. The simple search may be refined further [see section 3.6. Search results and faceted search].


3.2.1. What does the criteria “All” mean?

All” is the criteria selected by default. 

As a subscribing user:

The “All” search is performed on any field of the record, except coded fields (MARC21 008) and some administrative fields (MARC21 9XX). Therefore, this search covers for example the publisher field, the CODEN or the various note fields. A ranking by relevancy will prioritize which records are displayed: e.g. records where keywords are found in “title” fields will be given priority over those where the keywords are found in “note” fields. As a free user, the search is limited to the “Released ISSN data” fields [see section 2.3. What does Released ISSN data mean?]. You can enter one or several words. By default, the words within the search box are associated by the Boolean operator AND. To search for an exact phrase and narrow your research, put the words into quotes.



3.2.2. How to search by “ISSN”?

As a subscribing userthe search by ISSN is performed on all ISSN fields, including the ISSN-L and the ISSNs found in linking entries (MARC21 022 and 7XX fields). As a free user, the search is performed only on the ISSN field (MARC21 022field ). You may enter the ISSN with or without the hyphen. The structural validity of the requested ISSN is checked. If you enter an invalid ISSN, you are informed that the requested number does not correspond to a valid ISSN. If you enter a cancelled ISSN, you will be informed of the valid ISSN (it will be indicated in the Identifiers frame on the left).


3.2.3. How to search by “Title”?


As a subscribing user, the search by title is performed on all title fields: key title, abbreviated key title, title proper, variant titles, and titles found in linking entries (MARC21 222, 210, 245, 246 and 7XX fields). As a free user, the search is limited to Confirmed records and to the key title and the proper title [see section 2.3. What does “Released ISSN data” mean?].