n your personal area, from the left-hand menu “My Services”, click on the button “My registered resources”. You will be able to:

view the records registered under your account, - request a modification to update the information or report an error on the record of your resource, - generate a certificate.



8.6.1. How to view the records of my registered resources?


From your personal area, click on the button “My registered resources” and you can see the short records of the resources registered under your account. In order to view the complete records, select the resource(s) of your choice, clicking on the cross on the left of each title you want to view, and click on the button “View records”.


8.6.2. How to report an error or request an update on the record(s) of my publication(s)?


You may request an update for a record corresponding to your registered resources. From your personal area and the left-hand menu, click on the button “My registered resources”, select and access the record to be updated. From the record, click on the button “Report an error” on the right, and fill in the modification request web form. Please refer to section 6. Modification requests for more information.


8.6.3. What is an ISSN certificate?


You may need an original and official document certifying that your publication has obtained an ISSN from the ISSN International Centre. The ISSN certificate is a document issued on a letterhead signed by the Director of the ISSN International Centre. As a formal evidence, it certifies that:

– a specific ISSN number has been assigned to a continuing resource, – this ISSN is included in the ISSN Register.

The certificate shows complete information from the publication’s descriptive record.



8.6.4. What is an ISSN certificate?


You may request a certificate only for the resources registered under your account (through an ISSN assignment or claiming request). Search the record in your registered resources. Select the record of your choice by clicking on the cross on the left-hand side of the title. Once the record is displayed, click on the button “Generate a certificate”. The record is displayed as a PDF document that you can print and download for free.